Safe in Oz

We arrived in Cairns about 12:30pm. By one I had called Christy in USA, customs and immigration were on their way. Easy check-in with them, they ask if they could bring a dog on-board to look for our firearm (dog in training) no problem! Quarantine took some time. He looked at every carving, checked for bugs in all my cabinets, took the usual, fresh veggies and fruits. He even looked under the floor at the water tanks for termites. Said he needed to take pictures of the areas he had looked at but didn’t have his camera, so he said he would be back tomorrow for that. ALSO it’s Sunday and it cost us a bundle. OH WELL! we’re here safe and sound. We’ll spend a few days sleeping and restocking the fresh stuff, then off to see whatever is around here.

After all the officials left we went down for a nap, it has rained ever since we arrived….as usual! Special Blend did get the good rinse she needed after 6 days of crusted salt.

Miss everyone lots,

much love to all,