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We are back at Black Island (Bali Hai) 20*05′.021S/148*53′.407E. We will snorkel here in the morning, hope the turtle shows up.

This morning we snorkeled the reef. The first time the currant was so bad Jim and I both were huffin and puffin after 15min (if that long), 20 pix for me. It was like one of those never ending lap pools. We toured the reef in the dingy, rested up and went back as the tide was getting slack. The fish there are just unbelievable, really big bumphead wrasse and parroit fish. Hated to leave but weather is looking bad for Friday or so, we will probably do an overnight (tomorrow) to get to Mackay, a marina there so can get off the boat for a while. Oh! and maybe I want have to cook my birthday dinner!