Oct 8 2010

Well my birthday had a rip roaring start. We did an overnight passage from

the Whitsunday Islands to Mackay Marina, in Australia. I was on the 4am

watch, about 4:30 the engine didn’t sound right. Any change in the engine

is cause for alarm, course Jim woke up and ask “what did you do?”

“Nothing” I said. Then we started smelling smoke. Then the main engine

quit. Talk about a bad feeling in the stomach. We started the small “get

home engine” but it would not hold the course. When the main engine died

the port stabilizer was engaged, we just went in circles. We were just off

shore in 90ft of water so we dropped anchor and put all the chain we

have….400ft! we let the engine room cool off and Jim went to work,

found the alternator was the problem. Had an extra, but of course it was

buried and everything had to come out of it’s hiding place. I sat in the

wheel house making sure we didn’t drift into one of the many islands

around us or get in the way of a freighter, took Jim a little over an hour

to get us fixed up and off again. We are tied to the dock in the marina

for a few days. It will take a half a day to put everything back in it’s

hidie hole. BUT we are going out to eat for my birthday and let someone

else cook and clean up.

All is well that ends well.

Much love, Martha