Moving on

we stayed a little too long at the snorkel spot, after you’ve seen the best, it’s hard to se just so-so. BUT I did get in the water and saw a gorgeous hot pink parrot fish. No good pix thought just too murky for that.

It is almost mid-night your time, 2pm our time. We have just gotten phone signal again. We are on our was to Mackay (Maki as they say it), it about 85 miles, 12 hours or more. Will not be a fun ride,the wind is coming up, but we need to head on south and be tucked in for a couple of days.

Just heard from the 7 seas transport people and they will load from 20 to 30 OCT. Not sure when our load time will be, but we need to be ready.

We will have phone service a lot of the way, we will not be way off shore. So I’ll see what in the morning looks like to talk.