arrived port resolution, left straight away to see volcano, all is well.


Martha here, we arrived dropped ancho,r went to find Stanley.He said we could go to the volcano leaving at 4:00, it was then 3:00. Hurried back to boat, got cameras, ate a bite and took off. Did see Patrick told him we would see him tomorrow.

We were on the truck with some guys from NZ. They were saying several weeks ago the volcano was so active they were not letting anyone go up. The ride, as usual, was an adventure in it’s self, I rode in the back and let Jim have the front.

The volcano was spewing lot of smoke and ash, we are covered. Did see an magnificent show, and as usual I was not ready to go when the time came. This is my third time to go to Mt Yasur and am sorry to say this is probably the last, I think I got a few good pictures to share.

Hope everyone is well, having a good Memorial weekend (USA)

Love to all,

Jim and Martha……also Rick